Jorge O. Cerda Chapa advises and represents employers in labor law matters. He represents clients before several labor authorities throughout Mexico regarding collective and individual labor matters. This includes appearing before local and federal Conciliation and Arbitration Centers for prejudicial conciliation hearings as well as to local and federal courts for judicial matters in the Mexican Republic. In addition, he continues defending and representing companies that have matters pending of being resolved before the local and federal Conciliation and Arbitration Boards all over the country. Furthermore, he assists employers with strike notices, certificates of representativeness and procedures or processes related to collective bargaining agreements. He has extensive experience negotiating with labor unions for the review of collective bargaining agreements, as well as with the termination of those collective labor relations. Likewise, he is skilled in the elaboration, preparation and consultation process of collective bargaining agreements, individual employment contracts, confidentiality agreements and other labor-related documents.

Jorge assists clients with termination processes of employees – individual and/or collective as well as with hiring procedures – these being either confidential or unionized. He has advised many clients on the implementation of working conditions and with matters that include or need beneficial packages in order for them to comply with the constant Mexican labor reforms of the new Labor System.

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