Enabling Transformation. Mitigating Risk. Turning Compliance Into Opportunity.

Today’s employers are navigating a workplace transformation unlike any they’ve ever experienced. The technological revolution, combined with seismic shifts in how companies operate as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, have created a litany of novel issues: Employee demands for new ways of working, the need for entirely new skillsets in the workforce, and evolving approaches to improving inclusion, equity and diversity, among others.

The transformation of the workplace has also led to a proliferation of data that employers can leverage to inform better strategies and outcomes. Effectively integrating technology and data solutions can help address these evolving issues and help employers mitigate the associated risks.

That’s where Littler’s Global Workplace Transformation Initiative comes in, providing employers with strategic counsel to guide decision-making. It includes:

  • Forward-Looking Counsel. Effectively managing the various workplace implications of new technology-related initiatives requires identifying and planning for these issues at the onset. Littler provides counsel that enables business leaders to proactively address the full range of legal, regulatory and HR issues that could arise.
  • Holistic Solutions. To address transformational issues, employers need more than traditional legal advice. When discrete issues around workplace transformations arise, we give our clients a holistic view of the situation and offer strategic counsel to assess the broader challenges and opportunities.
  • Seeing Around Corners. A reactive approach won’t work in today’s business environment. We help clients see around the corner to identify the best path forward. By providing a clearer picture of what lies ahead, Littler’s knowledge and experience can shift compliance from an obligation to an opportunity.
  • Visionary Advocacy. The technological advances of the past few decades have far outpaced our governments’ ability to regulate them. Littler has long advised clients on the use of robotics, AI and automation in the workplace and on preparing for the effects of the technology-induced displacement of employees through the Emma Coalition. Drawing on our Workplace Policy Institute and global depth of knowledge, we help employers shape workplace regulation and navigate the regulatory uncertainty that is too often a barrier to implementing change.
  • Global Presence. The transformation of the workplace is global, but the challenges and legal issues are as unique as the locations where they arise. With more than 1,600 attorneys across 25 countries, we help employers navigate local laws and customs that impact their changing workplaces.

With Littler’s Global Workplace Transformation Initiative, we are dedicated to deploying the full breadth of our global knowledge, advocacy and ingenuity to provide the resources employers need to manage their workforces and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. The initiative, which evolved from Littler’s Robotics, AI and Automation practice group, integrates the full range of the firm’s global capabilities around workplace transformation, including:

No other law firm offers a comprehensive service aimed at empowering the transformations organizations are currently undergoing.

Inaugural Report of Littler's Global Workplace Transformation Initiative

Inaugural Report of Littler's Global Workplace Transformation InitiativeThe Inaugural Report of Littler’s Global Workplace Transformation Initiative is a comprehensive detailing of the challenges employers now face as a result of the rapidly changing and unpredictable work environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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