The Littler COVID-19 Return to Work Survey Report

With stay-at-home orders across the country being lifted, employers are navigating a host of legal and operational issues in bringing employees back to the workplace in the wake of COVID-19.

In Littler’s survey of more than 1,000 in-house counsel, HR professionals and C-suite executives, we gathered insights about when employers will reopen their workplaces (if at all), how they plan on doing so safely, what accommodations they will make for remote work, and their top liability concerns.

The survey finds most employers ready to reopen their workplaces in the near-term, however they are moving ahead with caution and taking a bevy of actions to keep employees safe. Amid a dramatic shift in the remote work landscape, half of all respondents told us they are considering requiring more employees to work remotely to reduce physical office costs. Finally, concerns about COVID-19-related lawsuits loom over employers as they move toward reopening, from claims involving leaves of absence entitlements to unsafe working conditions and more.

View the Littler COVID-19 Return to Work Survey Report

Littler COVID-19 Return to Work Survey Report

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Littler COVID-19 Return to Work Survey Infographic


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