The Incredible Shrinking Woman’s Earnings: The Gap is Bigger Than We Thought!

A newly-released study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) states that the gender wage gap is more dismal than we thought. For every dollar earned by a man in a 15-year period, the study says, the average woman only makes 49 cents – and not 80 cents.

Littler Principal Cindy-Ann Thomas and her guest, Littler Shareholder Yvette Gatling, examine the issue, discussing:

  • Some of the - well-known and lesser-known - reasons for the discrepancy between the long-held 20-cent shortfall and the IWPR’s latest finding of a 51-cent shortfall
  • Recommended practices and organizational trends in responding to the wage gap
  • The issue of organizational messaging about “pro-family” policies

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