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Based in Amsterdam, we provide labor and employment law services to Dutch and multinational organizations operating across the continent. We counsel clients on human resources and employment law matters related to transactions, including due diligence, labor relations, negotiations, day-one readiness support and post-merger integration.

Our highly knowledgeable attorneys also offer strategic employment law counsel related to international and national co-determination law, pension amendments, labor unions, collective bargaining agreements and international relocation of employees.

Our experience in Dutch labor and employment matters and vast resources and capabilities across the globe provide significant value to our collective clients.

I professionisti

Wouter Engelsman

+31 6 810 51 925

Eric van Dam

+31 6 101 72 222

Dennis Veldhuizen

+31 6 261 12 757

Stephan C. Swinkels

+31 6523 255 31

Sander Theunissen

+31 6 114 99 465

Jasper Hoffstedde

+31 6 2802 4654

Le nostre practice

HR & Employment Law Transaction Support

Due diligence, labour relations, backing during negotiations, day one readiness support and post-merger integration.

Strategic Employment Law

International and national co-determination law (in relation to European and local Works Councils), procedures for pension amendments, dealing with labour unions, collective bargaining agreements, international traffic of employees and complex legal proceedings.

Daily Assistance with Employment Law

e.g. in relation to dismissals (individual/collective), employment law litigation, occupational disability and reintegration of sick employees, setting up employment contracts, codes of conduct and policies as well as restrictive covenants.

Flexible Employment Relationships

Management agreements and partnership conflicts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Employment and partnership-related mediation and arbitration (Mediators Federation Netherlands certified).

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