eLearning Harassment Prevention Courses

Interactive online courses based on realistic scenarios and real-life stories

Littler has partnered with Kantola to develop an entirely new family of harassment prevention courses that include relatable, real-life stories shared through in-person interviews, helping to make complex topics easier to understand. The courses also include expanded content on the role of managers and additional topics on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and remote working. With a cinematic quality that our clients have come to expect, the courses also offer interactive exercises, legal explanations and practical advice on how to prevent, recognize and address harassment.

Exceeding all state, federal, and EEOC requirements for anti-harassment compliance training, this course is available in compliant, state-specific versions for California, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Washington, and Canada. (Manager and Employee courses are available in English and Spanish.)

Learn more about the Harassment Prevention eLearning courses on Kantola.com.

Building a DEI Foundation through eLearning

Effective DEI training that helps turn awareness into action

In partnership with Kantola, we are offering foundational diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) online training that is relevant for employees at all levels. This all-staff course is based on interactive story-based learning – combining relatable scenarios, real workplace stories, candid interviews and meaningful exercises.

And as a complement to the foundational course, we now have an Inclusive Management course series specifically tailored to managers’ top DEI needs – equipping them with the tools and practical guidance they need to become truly inclusive team leaders.

Learn More About the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Courses on Kantola.com.

For questions about Kantola’s training or to set up your company’s training with Kantola, please contact Sarah Rowell directly via email or by calling (240) 660-0647.