Date & Time
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
7:00 am
   |   Webinar

On May 20, the Department of Labor issued final regulations implementing Executive Order 13496 regarding the posting of an employee rights notice in government contractor workplaces. The new regulation takes effect on Monday, June 21.

David Goldstein from Littler's OFCCP Practice Group and Jay Sumner from Littler's Traditional Labor Practice Group are combining to present a complimentary 60-minute web seminar to assist government contractors (both union and nonunion) in preparing to comply with these new obligations. Among other topics, we will address the following:

  • Which employers, contracts, and subcontracts are exempt from these obligations?
  • What are the labor relations implications of the notice?
  • Where must the notice be posted, including options for posting electronically?
  • How does the notice requirement apply to banks, hospitals, and other employers without government contracts but subject to OFCCP regulations because of dealings with the Federal Government?
  • How does the notice requirement apply to an NLRA-covered employer that enters into a subcontract with an exempt prime contractor such as a Railway Labor Act employer?
  • What are the obligations for primes to monitor subs?
  • Does the clause have to be in your contract before you are obligated to comply?

And more. There will be an opportunity to ask written questions via the web seminar Q&A chat feature. If you have questions that you want addressed in the seminar, consider emailing them to the presenters in advance.

Litter Presenters:
David J. Goldstein
Jay Sumner

10:00 am Pacific Time
11:00 am Mountain Time
12:00 pm Central Time
1:00 pm Eastern Time

Login information will be sent two days prior to the webinar. For questions, please contact Keith Upton at 415.399.8450 or

To prepare for the seminar, please refer to the final regulations.

To obtain a copy of the poster, please refer to the DOL's website.


David J. Goldstein

Co-Chair, Government Contractors Industry Group and OFCCP Practice Group
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 313-7611