Ontario, Canada: Occupational Health and Safety Act Amendments Requiring Certain Employers to Have Naloxone Kits Proclaimed in Force

UPDATE: On December 12, 2022, Ontario published a Regulation regarding the Naloxone kit requirement.

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On December 8, 2022, Ontario proclaimed in force amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) made in Bill 88, Working for Workers Act, 2022.  The amendments, which require certain employers to have naloxone kits, come into force on June 1, 2023.

The amendments require an employer that becomes aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, that there might be a risk of a worker having an opioid overdose at the workplace, to provide and maintain in good condition a naloxone kit in that workplace. 

The employer must ensure that whenever workers are in the workplace, a worker who works in the vicinity of the naloxone kit is designated to be in charge of it, has been trained to recognize an opioid overdose and administer naloxone, and has been made aware of any hazards related to the administration of naloxone.  The employer must not disclose more personal information to any person than is reasonably necessary to comply with this requirement.

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