Ontario, Canada Makes Changes to COVID-19 Requirements for Long Term Care Homes

As of October 14, 2022, Ontario made the following changes to its COVID-19 requirements for long term care (LTC) homes, as set out in its COVID-19 guidance document.

Screening for COVID-19 

Visitors and Caregivers

Active screening of visitors and caregivers when they enter a LTC home is no longer required; however, it continues to be recommended.  Visitors and caregivers must self-screen.


Residents must be screened daily for COVID-19 as well as after an absence. 


Masks continue to be required for LTC home staff and visitors entering LTC homes.  Masks are no longer required when visitors or caregivers are alone with a resident in their room; however, they continue to be recommended. 

Physical Distancing 

To align with other high-risk settings, physical distancing continues to be encouraged and residents are urged to avoid crowded places where COVID-19 can spread more easily.  LTC homes have been advised to “continue to adjust activities to optimize and support physical distancing as much as possible.”

Visitor Policy

The limit of four visitors (including caregivers) per resident at a time for indoor visits has been removed. LTC homes can now resume setting their own visitor policies.


Testing of residents for COVID-19 is no longer required unless they have symptoms.

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