Amendments to Mexico’s Federal Labor Law

On April 28, 2022, two decrees were published in the Official Gazette of Mexico amending several articles of the Federal Labor Law.

The first decree establishes the employer’s obligation to grant employees the necessary time off to participate in the “revocation of mandate” process. The revocation of mandate is the means by which citizens can determine the early expiration of the President of the Republic’s term due to loss of confidence. It is important to mention that there was no modification to Article 74, which establishes mandatory days off.  Therefore, the employer’s only obligation is to grant unpaid leave to employees who wish to participate in this revocation process, but there is no obligation to grant it as a day off or to pay triple the amount if the employees work that day.

The second amendment to the Federal Labor Law establishes that when the nature of the contracted work seriously compromises the health and/or life of employees, the use of technology and innovative work tools must be considered to prevent them.

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