Mexico: Updating the Employer Registration Certificate

Mexico’s National Institute of Migration is the agency charged with issuing a document known as the Employer Registration Certificate. This Certificate authorizes companies to perform any processes and procedures related to their non-citizen employees, including the issuance of new work visas, renewal of the migratory document for employees who are already working in Mexican territory, and renewal of notices provided to the Institute whenever a non-citizen who already resides in Mexico is hired.

This Certificate is valid for one year, and companies must update it within 30 days of presenting their annual tax declaration. The document must be duly updated in order to continue with any procedures involving the National Institute of Migration.

The Certificate must be updated in any of the following circumstances: (1) after making the annual tax declaration; or (2) after making any modification to the company, such as changing the legal representative, name, or address, or opening a branch office. Once any of these modifications occurs, or after the payment of the annual declaration of taxes, companies have 30 days to notify the Institute.

It is very important to keep the Employer Registration Certificate updated so the Institute can perform migratory inspections at the registered address of the company to ensure that the address indicated in the Certificate is where the non-citizen employees are performing their activities. It is also important to ensure that the Certificate remains valid so that non-citizen employees can continue to lawfully perform their activities with the company.

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