Ontario, Canada: Human Rights Tribunal Awards $120,000 Award for Discrimination in Hiring Process

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (the “HRTO”) recently rendered its decision on remedy in the Haseeb v. Imperial Oil Limited case, following up on its liability decision in which it found the employer’s practice of requiring job applications to be permanently eligible to work in Canada as discriminatory. Our article on the liability decision can be found here.

The HRTO awarded the applicant lost wages of approximately $105,000, representing the income he would have earned from March 2, 2015 to May 30, 2019, the period from when he would have commenced employment with Imperial Oil until he left his other employment to pursue different career opportunities. The HRTO also awarded the applicant $15,000 for compensation to injury, dignity, feelings and self-respect.

Canadian employers should review their job applications and policies to ensure compliance with applicable human rights laws.

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