Introducing Littler onDemand: A Data-Driven Solution for Employment Law Advice and Counsel

(May 9, 2019) – Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management, is pleased to announce the launch of Littler onDemand, a technology-based platform that provides fast and easy access to practical counsel on workplace legal issues and critical data analytics.

Littler’s 2019 Employer Survey, released this week, found that the majority of general counsel and in-house attorneys responding to the survey (64 percent) expect their legal service providers to offer technology-driven tools and platforms amid increased pressure to improve operational efficiency. Littler onDemand is the latest example of Littler’s commitment to developing technology-based solutions that enhance value for clients.

For in-house counsel and human resources professionals struggling to address every employment-related question that arises during the course of business, Littler onDemand provides an efficient, reliable source of advice and counsel. The platform also delivers data-driven insights – protected by attorney-client privilege – that help companies identify trends, manage risk and drive stronger business decisions.

“Our depth of knowledge allows us to provide clients with answers and solutions to the full spectrum of issues that come with managing a workforce,” said Shareholder Scott Forman, founder of Littler onDemand and of the firm’s award-winning  Littler CaseSmart® platform. “We have long been committed to leveraging our resources and scale to create technology solutions in collaboration with our clients. As our latest solution, Littler onDemand further enhances our approach to advice and counsel and provides a data-driven tool for uncovering strategic insights that create additional value for our clients.”

Littler onDemand allows a client to submit queries through a customized online app that immediately returns prior attorney responses for questions that have come up before in the client’s organization while using the platform. If a question has not been addressed previously for that client, it will be directed to a client-dedicated team of Littler onDemand Counsel – experienced employment-law practitioners who average 15 years of legal experience. Littler onDemand Counsel are on call to deliver answers to common workplace questions – they will respond directly or collaborate with a cadre of Littler attorneys, who have subject matter knowledge in particular areas of law or jurisdictions, to address more complex questions.

Through Littler onDemand’s data analytics capabilities, employers receive information that draws on their company’s past experiences, accounts for developments in the law and reflects experience across multiple organizations and industries. The app houses all of a company’s inquiries and provides insights into the most frequently recurring issues and problems, as well as the legal issues they present. With that knowledge, legal and HR teams can direct assistance, training and other resources toward troublesome hot spots.

"By creating a knowledge bank of the client’s previous requests, Littler onDemand provides efficiencies and consistency for the client, and reduces time spent answering duplicative inquiries,” said Shareholder Kim Yates, who serves as Program Director for Littler onDemand. “The ability to access historic queries also creates institutional knowledge that clients can access 24/7 and draw on to make more informed business decisions.”

Littler onDemand is the latest example of Littler’s forward-thinking approach and part of the firm’s suite of Service Solutions, which have drawn accolades from major organizations that recognize legal innovation, including the Financial Times, National Law Journal, Association of Corporate Counsel, International Legal Technology Association, College of Law Practice Management and Fastcase 50.

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