A complex patchwork of federal, state and even local employment laws applies to technology startups and emerging companies. While early stage companies are understandably focused on growing revenue and visibility, increasing headcounts, and securing funding and new investors, they are not immune from these laws. In fact, non-compliance exposes even the smallest employers to serious – and potentially disastrous – consequences such as audits, litigation, and investor trepidation, and can delay or derail acquisitions or other critical transactions. Similarly, venture capitalists and angel investors increasingly factor labor and employment law compliance into the equation as they review and evaluate emerging companies.

Littler’s Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Industry Group brings together Littler’s leading practitioners to help provide legal solutions tailored for the tech ecosystem. This broad level of experience encompasses virtually every employment law issue facing startups, including:

  • Preparing and advising on on-boarding documents
  • Immigration issues implicated by a global workforce
  • Working with venture capital firms, angel investors, and others to assess potential legal liability related to labor practices
  • Counseling on independent contractor classification and building independent contractor models
  • Conducting due diligence of employment law issues during mergers and acquisition
  • Assessing wage and hour compliance on issues such as exempt classification and the utilization of interns
  • Drafting executive employment agreements, employee handbooks, and personnel policies
  • Protecting trade secrets and advising on non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Cost-efficient litigation solutions

The Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Industry Group is a trusted resource for startups, investors, incubators, accelerators, and any partner committed to building a compliant framework.

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