Labor and employment laws are constantly evolving. For construction industry employers, who frequently balance multiple worksites and ever-fluctuating labor needs, compliance can be a daunting task. Littler’s Construction Industry Toolkit helps contractors focus on the successful delivery of projects that fuel their growth and profitability, while helping to minimize their exposure to labor and employment law risks.

Littler Construction Industry Toolkit

Drawing on the collective experience of Littler attorneys well-versed in the unique workforce issues facing construction industry employers, the Construction Industry Toolkit provides subscribers with a library of legal resources. The Toolkit includes:

The Essentials for Employers Operating in California, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania

  • Customized employee handbook
  • Semi-annual consultation with a Littler attorney in your area who knows and understands construction industry labor and employment law
  • Hotline access to contact Littler attorneys with basic questions that come up in the course of business, including critical and time-sensitive issues related to labor disputes and picketing, OSHA inspections, prevailing wage requirements, etc.

Onboarding resources, including:

  • Checklist of appropriate interview questions
  • Employment application

Continuing employment resources, including:

  • Template/generic employee handbook
  • Performance management documents
  • Light duty policy
  • Training repayment program
  • Safety policy enforcement and disciplinary action
  • A variety of model policies and forms

End of employment resources include:

  • Termination letter
  • Separation agreements

Other Tools

  • National State Employment Law Guides
  • A full library of multi-state Littler GPS Surveys providing updated tracking of state and federal employment laws
  • Federal and state checklist of government-required employment notices (at hire and fire) and posters available online with links provided