Perspectiva General

A managing partner at Fromont Briens, Cédric Guillon joined the firm in 1998 following admission to the French bar. He advises and represents 160 companies working in the industrial, automotive, agri-food and service sectors, among others. Cédric is also a leading advisor to a number of public companies and institutions, as well as several government agencies.

Cédric pleads before all French courts: Labor Court, Court of Appeals, District Court, Social Security Court, Administrative Court (original and appellate jurisdiction), Criminal Court and Arbitration Board. He manages some 130 cases per year, including disputes concerning matters such as labor strikes, payroll tax reassessments, wage adjustments, business transfers, discrimination and workplace harassment.

Cédric works with French and international companies regarding their business in France. He provides advisory and litigation services including drafting of contracts, collective agreements, corporate and works council by-laws, etc.. He provides assistance in conclusion of employment contracts, implementation of employee savings plans, dismissal or amicable termination procedures, redundancy or job preservation plans, employment practice audits and consultation procedures for restructuring plans. He also provides training for his clients on a variety of subjects including chairmanship of employee representation bodies, organization of professional elections and current events in law and judicial doctrine.

Cédric regularly contributes in-depth articles on a variety of subjects for leading French and international legal publications.

Afiliaciones Profesionales y Comunitarias

Co-Chair, Labor Law Committee




  • Doctorate in Law, 1997


  • Inglés
  • Francés

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