Workplace Policy Institute Insider Report — August 2016

Littler's Workplace Policy Institute Insider Report details key labor, employment, and benefits news and events at the federal, state, local, and global levels. The August edition of the Insider Report compares the Democratic and Republican Party platforms, highlights recently enacted state legislation, and discusses new ballot initiatives that will be in the hands of voters on November 8. The Report contains the following sections:

Insider Briefing [p. 1]. The Republican and Democratic National Conventions were the center of political activity in July. Each party released its platform setting forth their respective policy positions, including those affecting the workplace. However, Cleveland and Philadelphia were not the only sites of important workplace policy developments last month. Prior to Congress' recessing until September, there was some notable legislative activity in Washington impacting employers. The federal agencies were busy advancing their labor and employment agendas during the waning months of the Obama Administration, while efforts were underway in Congress to block recent rulemaking.

On the Move [p. 1]. For the first six months of 2016, over 100 labor, employment, and benefits bills were enacted throughout the country. Many touched upon topics that have stalled at the federal level. Bills promoting equal pay, limiting the use of an applicant's criminal history in making employment decisions, endorsing wage transparency, and legalizing certain uses of medical marijuana, have all become law since January 1, 2016. Heading into the second half of the year, this legislative pace shows no signs of slowing.

In Focus [p. 9]. The Republican and Democratic National Conventions have ended with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as their respective party’s official nominees for President. In their acceptance speeches, the nominees laid out their contrasting visions for their presidencies. Beyond the high-profile televised speeches attracting millions of viewers, each party released its platform setting forth its official position on numerous foreign and domestic issues. These politically-minded documents provide insight to the parties’ approaches to workplace policy matters and what a Republican versus Democratic Administration in 2016 may hold for labor, employment and benefits issues.

Global Report [p. 7]. This section provides a roundup of international labor and employment news.

Outlook [p. 12]. A calendar of events provides information on upcoming regulatory comment deadlines, agency meetings, and related activities.

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