Senators Urge President to issue "Model Employer" Executive Order

On Friday, May 15, 18 Democratic Senators sent a letter to President Obama calling for him to issue an executive order that would make the federal government a "model employer." The letter is an updated version of letters the Congressional Progressive Caucus has previously sent to the President.


According to the letter, the government should provide a hiring preference in federal contracts to "model employers," defined as employers that pay a living wage, offer "fair" healthcare and other benefits, as well as give their employees "a voice through collective bargaining." Some in the employer community are inferring that the senators are asking the President to give hiring preferences to employers with unionized workforces.


The letter also praises the recent executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contractor employees, and cites the recent "Fight for $15" as an example of why the President needs to take action.

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