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Is the employee "blue collar"? {{ }} [[-100]]
Is the employee the CEO or a direct report to the CEO? {{The employee holds the daily management of the company or reports directly to the one empowered with the daily management and exercises part of that daily management.}} [[-100]]
Does the employee exercise (part of) the employer's authority on other employees of the company? {{The employee manages a team: he evaluates employees, authorises days off, supervises work, decides who does what, controls working time.}} [[5]]
Does the employee occupy a function for which a university degree would be requested if the position was open for recruitment? {{The position theoretically requires a university degree.}} [[5]]
Is the employee autonomous in his work? {{The employee performs his job with a great degree of freedom. He takes initiative and almost only reports on the "finished product."}} [[5]]
Does the employee manage a consequent budget under his own liability? {{The employee decides how he uses resources.}} [[5]]
Does the employee run a department? {{The employee is responsible for a significant part of the business.}} [[5]]
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