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Littler's Legislative and Regulatory Practice works with clients to keep them abreast of changes to the laws that regulate the workplace.  The attorneys in this practice monitor, track and report on legislation, regulations, federal agency activity and Executive Orders that impact the labor and employment landscape.  The practice is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

As administrations and the make-up of Congress change, federal mandates may change, resulting in new obligations for employers.  The Legislative and Regulatory practice works with subject matter experts from the firm, to offer timely and comprehensive information counsel on the latest employment and labor law developments in Washington D.C. that will impact a client’s business.  To help clients gain and maintain a competitive edge,  the practice anticipates and evaluates  government action and advocates for clients’ interests before policy makers.

The attorneys in this group monitor and notify clients of Congressional and agency activity through timely alerts and updates, providing in depth analysis of these changes. They also develop comprehensive legislative and regulatory strategies for employers, including advocating for their interests on pending legislation, drafting position statements on pending legislation, proposing changes to the legislation and drafting comments on proposed rules. 

The Legislative and Regulatory practice attorneys  provide education and assistance to clients on implementing  the new legislative and regulatory requirements  and avoiding any penalties that may arise because of non-compliance. 

  • Navigating Changing Policies
  • Healthcare Reform