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Employers are providing employees with a host of electronic resources to make the office and its resources available to employees anytime and anywhere.  But that accessibility raises many opportunities for abuse, which may result in employment litigation involving wage and hour laws, workplace safety, labor laws, competition and trade secrets, and international laws.

Technology continues to progress at an unprecedented pace.  As it does, companies will find new ways to incorporate it into their business practices and require employees to use it to do their jobs more effectively and realize employer business goals more efficiently.  The law is beginning to catch up to the new employment issues arising in the digital workplace, but it has been more reactive in responding to suits that have been filed than proactive in providing employers with guidelines to follow.

The attorneys at Littler work proactively with clients to prevent litigation and ensure employees know their rights and responsibilities when using company-provided technology. Littler attorneys have developed practical recommendations for employees to work with electronic resources while meeting a variety of employment law requirements. 

Littler also works with clients to reduce employment-related litigation on the information superhighway and develop essential tools for employers to use in the digital age.  As technology evolves, so does employment law in the digital workplace.  Littler attorneys work with clients to develop and implement preventive programs and keep companies abreast of new developments through their Digital Workplace blog and other timely updates.