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Thursday, February 18, 2016
Nashville, TN

A diverse workforce is one of the hallmarks of a progressive company. Diversity brings new energy and different perspectives to an organization, often expanding its client base and elevating its public image. But when an employer tries to update its diversity program or readjust its goals, it can run into unexpected legal roadblocks.

Littler has helped numerous employers at every stage of the process, designing diversity and inclusion programs, reviewing and revising them, and defending them when challenged in court.

We have the experience that comes from years of working with employers who value a workforce of varied backgrounds and cultures – a progressive business model rendered more complex by new legislation and court decisions. We have helped companies hire and retain employees across a breadth of cultures and backgrounds while avoiding any appearance of quotas or reverse discrimination.  We work with our clients to keep them apprised of recent court decisions and legal challenges that can hamstring them in achieving their diversity and inclusion goals.

Team Approach

Because of Littler’s exclusive focus on employment law, our coordinated teams of lawyers can provide our clients with a wealth of resources to educate them on implementing and complying with affirmative action plans. We have lawyers experienced in Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) who assist clients in meeting the agency’s rigid non-discrimination requirements for federal contractors.

Our lawyers are also very experienced in designing, refining and defending affirmative action programs. When clients must defend diversity programs in court, they will be represented by the acknowledged leaders in employment litigation.

Avoiding Litigation

Although we have handled thousands of litigation matters, we work diligently at preventative measures, sparing our clients time-consuming and costly litigation. We have a solid track record of developing, implementing, maintaining and reviewing fair and effective diversity programs, but we also respond to any legal challenge.

Littler is especially proud of the in-person and online (NAVEX) diversity training programs we provide employers. They are among the most extensive labor and employment law training systems available for companies today. We offer workshops for managers and rank-and-file employees, as well as in-house presentations and online briefings that address the cutting edge issues that are required for hiring and retaining a diversified workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion Client Services Contacts

Cindy-Ann L. Thomas

Co-Chair, EEO & Diversity Practice Group | Principal
Charlotte, NC
(704) 972-7026

Grady B. Murdock Jr.

Co-Chair, EEO & Diversity Practice Group
Chicago, IL
(312) 795-3233

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